Free Budget Template: How To Start Keeping Home Accounting With Cubux

Free Budget Template: How To Start Keeping Home Accounting With Cubux

How to start keeping home accounting with Cubux is a new home accounting service that allows to insert personal financial data and to track family finances online. The family budget planner can be used on your laptop or even on a smartphone as an app, but the main idea behind it is your personal budget template.

In short, a home budget template is an initial form that can be used for keeping a basic record of your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly expenses and earnings. This is a starting point from where you can either develop a more sophisticated spreadsheet or remain where you are.

A simple budget template is designed for the widest possible range of users and includes financial transactions that exist in every household. For example, everyone has to pay utility bills and to buy food, and so such transactions and relative fields and categories are available in all Cubux templates. However, if you drive a car, then you should also add petrol and maintenance expenses, while those who have a pet must take into account pet food and vet clinic visits. That is why each personal budget template is different since they reflect their owners’ needs.

All necessary options can be added to or deleted from a basic budget template. The service is highly customizable and therefore suits literally everyone.

Some tips for creating a household budget template

An adequate budget form is the key to efficient financial planning and can be used for many years without having to adjust it regularly. Below are several ideas how to create a family budget template that would be ideal for your particular household.

  1. First of all, write down all recurrent financial transactions that take place in your family. These are food, utilities, children education, loan payments etc.
  2. Second, try to take into account all particular expenditures that may be inappropriate in other families but are crucial in yours. For example, you may need to buy some expensive medication or you are a member of some community, which requires paying a regular membership fee.
  3. Think about all the minor expenses, even if they account only for 1-2% of your monthly budget. In case there are such expenses, their total amount could be rather perceptible, and then your budget spreadsheet template will fail to provide a real picture of your finances.
  4. Do not forget to include all extraordinary transactions. For example, you have had to pay a big fine for violating driving regulations or you have to pay for your kid’s vacations. Sometimes such unexpected financial losses could be rather big comparing to what we spend on some regular needs.

Download Cubux budget plan template and start personalizing it right now. This is a truly efficient tool for systemizing your personal finances!