Household Budget Worksheet: How To Plan Finances With Cubux

Household Budget Worksheet: How To Plan Finances With Cubux

There is hardly anyone who has never tried to draft a special worksheet for planning personal finances. Some of us use classical paper versions, other prefer computer or smartphone programs. Yet, very often people just do not know how to create an efficient home budget worksheet – which categories to include and what formulas to use. If you have ever faced the same problem, then Cubux is what you need!

Free personal budget software Cubux based on budget worksheets is a new online home accounting platform designed for planning and tracking personal finances. The family budget planner is based on budget worksheets which suit absolutely all users. Here are the main features of Cubux spreadsheets:

  • Maximum clarity and convenience. Basic budget worksheet is very simple, clear and easy-to-use. All the possible options are readily available, so the program can be mastered even by non-technical users.

Easy budget app Cubux. Simple basic budget worksheet

  • Quick data insertion. Being based on Excel, Cubux worksheets are easy to be filled. Data insertion takes just a couple of minutes, which is extremely handy for those who have almost no free time.

Budget money app Cubux. Simple filling of worksheets

  • Great variety of options. The data that you include in your personal budget worksheet can be analyzed with the help of various formulas, graphs and other statistical tools. This helps you to get a clear understanding of your finances at every given point of time.

Budget planner app Cubux. Incomes and expenses details graph

  • Opportunity to run a family budget worksheet. If you live with your relatives, you can use separate spreadsheets for each family member. This is very convenient for those who need to find new ways of economizing and wants to analyze how the family members are doing on their way to financial prosperity.

Financial budget app Cubux. Add family members easy

How to use Cubux budget worksheet

Once you log in on Cubux, choose the worksheet that suits you most and start your budget planning. If you need additional categories or fields, they can be easily added, just like some preset options can be deleted in case you do not need them.

While making a budget worksheet, you can insert planned figures (for example, weekly food expenditure) and later complete them with actual figures. Various formulas will help you to see what your actual balance is and whether you should introduce some corrections. Apart from weekly budget worksheets, Cubux provides also monthly and even annual spreadsheets depending on the users’ needs.

A worksheet can be exported as an Excel file so that you could review it later or use it in a different program. In case of necessity you can even print your budget planning worksheet out and make it easily available for all your family members.

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