• Advanced analytical reports.

The program will allow you to receive full information in no time about the state of the seed budget, income, expenditures. The data of the expanded analytical report allow to reveal so-called “financial holes” and to refuse unnecessary expenditure in favor of realization of global plans.


  • Budget management.

CUBUX will take control of the family budget depending on your goals and desires. Are you planning to give up loans or make a major purchase? With the help of the program you can visualize plans, integrate them into the income and expenditure the plan.


  • Scheduled operations.

Using the possibility of making scheduled financial transactions, the system automatically performs the necessary operations for a given period. You can configure 1 time per day, per month, quarter or year. In addition, the function will shorten the time for the program: the amount of costs and revenues at certain dates will automatically be taken into account when drawing up the budget for the next month


  • Targets.

Boldly set goals and move towards their implementation. Determine the period to which a certain amount for a large purchase should be on your account, and the program will show the amount of funds that you need to postpone on a monthly basis to embody the boldest ideas into life!


  • Graphical comparison of the plan and the fact.

Visualization of the planned state of the budget, the percentage of components allocated to certain articles, and the actual implementation of it, often make you thinking about redistributing funds. With this function, you will see how long you are creating your plans, and most likely next month will refuse some spontaneous purchases.


  • Forecast of the balance for any period.

Timely filling out information on income and planned mandatory payments, with the CUBUX program you can see the real balance of funds for each subsequent month. This function is often “sobering” users and makes you abandon the unnecessary expenditure, so that a person becomes financially organized, and ceases to “borrow up to pay.”


  • Export to Excel. The data entered into the program, if necessary, is easily transferred to Excel. So you can get information about the state of your interest or save yourself an archive.


  • Import to CSV. Joining us from another program or service? You can import your operations in CSV format and thus transfer to Cubux the entire history of your past transactions.


  • Photographing a check.
    Rid yourself of a heap of checks and other financial documents; Accumulate all financial information in one place. Simply take a photo, and when you connect to the Internet, it will automatically go to www.cubux.ru, where you can process it and conduct transactions.


  • Multicurrency.

You can maintain an unlimited number of accounts in more than 150 currencies worldwide. Updating of data on the exchange rate occurs 1 time per hour


  • Total balance

If you run several accounts in different currencies, then the total balance for all accounts will show only in one currency, which will be selected in the settings as the main currency.


  • Maintenance of several independent databases.

The program is focused on creating and maintaining several budgets. Simply set up several accounts (for example, to manage your home budget, accumulate funds for personal needs, and settle accounts with others). The transition from one base to another is simple and quick; Each database can work in isolation, and, therefore, the information reflected in it will be available exclusively to you.


  • Invitation to an unlimited number of users.

The program can support several users, which is certainly convenient for the family budget or when planning a joint purchase of several persons. The operations of each user can be seen in the report.


  • Support for versions in 7 languages.

The contents of the program can be reflected in 7 languages, which, of course, expands the scope of its use. Just tie a language in which you will be comfortable to enter information and receive data, and enjoy a convenient and intuitive operation in the program! You can lead, for example, in English, and your spouse or spouse in German.


  • Online Banking.

You have the option of connecting Cubux to online banking for automatic synchronization. The data will be requested automatically once a day or at your request no more than 1 time per hour. Save time and you do not have to make every operation – it will automatically appear in Cubux. You just need to choose a category.


We hope that this information was useful for you. Enjoy using our service and be effective in achieving your financial goals.

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