How it works

1. Registration on or in the application

For registration it is necessary to fill out the Name, Surname, E-mail, Country, and to indicate that you are not a robot 🙂

2. Create an account

After registration you will see the window for creating an account. You can select the country and specify the bank.

If you want to set up synchronization with your bank, you need to authorize. Synchronization with the bank is made automatically 1 time per day or manually no more than 1 time per hour.

If you do not want to synchronize with the bank – you can refuse and click the check “CASH” and to continue your acquaintance with our service.

3. Adding transactions

To create an operation, you are prompted to add the following: Income, Expenses and Translation.

To create an income or an expense operations, you should fill in the fields:

  1. Amount
  2. Score
  3. Select a category (or subcategory). You can create your own category.
  4. Date


To create an transfer operation, you should fill in the fields:

  1. Amount
  2. Scrappage account
  3. Enrollment account
  4. Rate (if the currencies are different)
  5. Date

4. Home tab

Let’s go on! To move to the Home tab, click on the list of accounts on the main screen

In the upper part from the left side you can find our accounts. There you can add a new account, as well as add new expenses and incomes. On the right side there is operational information.

The lower part of the Home tab is the calendar, where you can visually observe daily your expenses and incomes.

5. Incomes and Expenses

The menu costs or revenues consists of three parts:

  • The left part shows you the costs for the period (you can choose another period)
  • The right part shows the graph according to the period. The graph can be changed by the icon from the top
  • The lower part is a list of expenditure or income transactions. You can edit or delete the selected operation.

6. Transactions tab

This tab contains the entire list of transactions (income, expense, transfers) for the period. With the help of filters, you can customize according to your own requirements.

Filter options:

  1. By period
  2. By the amount
  3. Account
  4. By the type of operation
  5. By Category
  6. By user

7. Budget tab

Here you can plan your budget for each month.

You can plan expenses and incomes by categories and subcategories.

The amount of subcategories budget can not exceed the category amount.


On a circular chart, you will find the percentage of budget execution. It is determined by the ratio of actual amounts to the categories indicated in the budget.

You can easily analyze which category brings you more money, and which adds just costs. If you exceed the planned flow rate, the flow indicator will become claret.

8. Analytics tab

The Analytics tab offers you a comprehensive analysis of your expenses and revenues.

You can look at

  1. Balance forecast
  2. Schedule of budget execution by category
  3. Schedule of expenses and revenues with filtering by accounts, users and period

In addition, the page shows the button “Export to Excel”. You just click on it and download the file. The file contains all the analytics.

9. Settings

Let’s briefly discuss setting issues.

9.1. Setting up a profile

Allows you to set up your profile and change the name, e-mail, and also the country.

9.2. Team

Allows you to create new commands. You can keep an independent record of expenses and incomes of your family or to create teams with your friends. The family will not know about your other accounts, and friends won’t see anything about family accounting. We are concern about users privacy.

9.2. Users

You can invite other users to join the team, allow them to be an administrator or a guest, and you can also provide an access to each account (full access, read-only and hide the account at all)

9.3. Bank account

On this page you can rename your accounts, and also delete or add them.

9.4. Category Management

You can add, rename or delete categories and subcategories. When you delete categories for which there are still transactions, the system will ask you if you are sure in your decision to delete them or to move them to another category.

9.5. Import

If you have a file with operations from another service in XLS, you can easily transfer all your data to our service.

We really hope that these instructions were useful for you!

Enjoy using and all the advantages of our service!

For android: minimum Android 5.0 version 

For Apple: minimum iOs 11

For web version: any browser

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