• Transactions from banks are seen in your online account.
  • More than 2700 financial institutions are supported worldwide. Among these institutions are: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, American Express, Discover and many more.
  • When there is a requirement of SMS for entering into Internet-Bank, it will be necessary to write the text of this SMS at a special place in the Cubux website or in the application.
  • When there is no requirement to write a text from SMS or any other proof, we will be able to synchronize your bank automatically one time per day or you can do it by your own (but also not more than 1 time per hour).  
  • If you don’t need any synchronization with bank accounts, you can just create an account without synchronization.
  • No Limits: It is possible to have unlimited number of accounts and banks
  • We support the import of transactions in CSV. This service can be useful if before you have used another service and want to keep the history of all transactions.
  • You can import all files without any difficulties due to clear function.
  • If you need to store the history of your transactions locally — we have the EXPORT function, with which you can easily upload all your transactions to the XLS format.
  • If you had to use the products of our competitors and you are not pleased with their service, you can without any difficulties import your data into our system and to start using all the advantages of CUBUX service.

One of the main advantages of our system is the ability to maintain a common accounting. You can invite members of your family and keep a joint record of your income and expenses. In case you are not ready to discuss any particular account with anyone — you can just hide it in just a couple of clicks!

Easy functional of each account allows you to choose a level of access to each account: to read, a full access or completely hide the account from other people’s eyes. It can be useful if you want to hide accounts from children. In turn parents will see all the operations of the child.

Create an unlimited number of categories and subcategories. It’s always available with a FREE subscription.

We also do not make any limits on the number of accounts. It will be always for free.

Use any available device and you will see the same information. We use almost instant synchronization between all devices of one account.

Cubux can be used on iOS, Android and Windows phone and also web versions!

Each user can maintain several independent accounts — we call them “teams”. For example, you can run a family budget called “Family” and a separate account for mutual settlement with friends «Friends». There will be two independent teams, you can switch between them.

The most interesting and useful fact is that only you know about the existence of a second team. Other users of the «Family» team will never find out about another «Friends» account.

Cubux offers an opportunity to examine in details all the movements of money that you have. A powerful analytics section will not allow you to get confused in counting your income and expenses. A friendly interface will save you from having to deal with difficult charts.

Moreover, you can mark separately the table “Forecast of the balance” — where the system based on your spendings and data from the budget will calculate the approximate amount of the balance on the accounts for any period.

You will see, that controlling your transactions can be easy and effective.

Do you have payments that you need to pay each month or more often? Do you need to pay for a credit or would like to receive a salary regularly? We offer to make an interval for

automatic repetition of transactions:

  • One time per day
  • One time per week
  • One time per month
  • One time per quarter
  • One time per year

You can set a budget for expenses and revenues.

Each category and subcategory can have its own meaning. For example, the category «AUTO» — you can specify 1000, and the subcategory Auto-> Service 500

The amount of the parent category can not be less than the sum of the budget of the child categories.

Schedules for budget execution you can see in the analytics section. It is possible also to see in details how much money someone spent or earned.

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