Cubux.net is rather convenient and complex home accounting service. It is designed to help you to manage your home budget from any place you are and by any gadget or computer you have an access to.

Our product is extremely easy to learn! It allows you to keep a track of your income and expenses, you have also an access to: integration with banks, cloud synchronization, and shared access. In addition, the Cubux project is multi-platform. You can use it whenever and wherever you want: at work, on vacation, on a business trip. It’s enough to have a gadget at hand.


This product is suitable for everyone, from specialists in accounting, to people completely remote from finance, because Cubux combines powerful analytical tools and simplicity.

Cubux is easy to use, fast and really efficient when you want all to control all your finances and even to have a look at expenses of other family members (with a possibility of shared access).


The aim of the project is to develop a convenient accounting service, so that the user feels himself like he is at home. We are ready to help our users to achieve their financial goals, to be strategic and rational. We really like and enjoy what we do, because we also use it!


At the moment, the plans for new modules and add-ons are outlined almost a year in advance, and we have something really useful to offer and to surprise our users.


We are a young project, but more than 10 thousand users already rated our service. We are happy to receive positive feedback and we believe that we can make our service even better! Enjoy all opportunities of Cubux!

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