4 Best Reminder Apps for iPhone 2019

4 Best Reminder Apps for iPhone 2019

After the advent of iOS 10 with the application “Reminders” on the iPhone and iPad, this app became worse and something really unimaginable began to happen. People understood that it should be a great idea to create some better Reminder apps for future. Reminders and notes on iPhone device perform quite important tasks that can be associated with work, school, special meetings, family affairs, and important dates. For example, one of the most popular notes for IOS are such programs as: Due, Checkmark 2, Any.DO and Clear Todos. All these applications are quite easy to use and very convenient, which allows you to increase their efficiency during operation.


If nothing already motivates you at work, and you are familiar to procrastination, I advise you to install Due. Due is one of the easiest apps in use and popular Reminder for iPhone and iPad. Very simple interface and great performance, which you can see after opening the app, prompts you to use this program as long as possible. In addition to the traditional set for such applications, Due has some different special features. For example, the ability to quickly set task completion dates. Using the “smart” function, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the planning your tasks. The price of this app is not very high, it is $4,99.

image-assetCheckmark 2

Checkmark 2 is the best choice for people who like visiting a new places and finding app with reminders about place. This characteristic of Checkmark 2 is so good because of the ability to pre-configure the places where the user will receive a reminder. Indicate in advance your place of work, home, the most frequently visited store and other places, and Checkmark 2 will notify you of cases planned in the indicated locations. Due to such a system, the planning of cases is reduced to a minimum number of clicks. However, the usual schedule of tasks on time in Checkmark 2 is also available. Checkmark 2 costs only $4,99.


Any.Do is one of the most famous task managers for mobile devices and computers. Any.DO differs from its counterparts with its incredible simplicity of use and free of charge. Yes, like other popular free task managers, Any.DO has an option to apply for a paid subscription, but there is no great need for it. Any.DO will please especially those who need access to the to-do list both on a mobile device and on a computer. This app can synchronize in real time with all devices which are under your using. Any.Do is free.


Clear Todos

Clear Todos is one of the oldest and most popular task managers for iPhone and iPad. It is clear that only this app had only improved and became the perfect replacement for the application “Reminders”. The list of Clear Todos functions can be discussed infinitely. The application combines the capabilities of a notebook, task manager and calendar, which work together as a whole. Clear Todos is very friendly in use, because you can control your interface with simple moves as in Apple Reminders. The price on this app is $4,99.

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