Here you will find a lot of really useful information about effective financial budgeting, personal and family accounting and the ways to be productive when we are talking about savings, controlling expenses, achieving your financial goals etc. Enjoy!

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How to budget household expenses effectively?

The issue of saving the household budget is becoming more and more urgent. How to reduce the expenditure part if you can’t increase the income? The simplest way to save money is control and accounting for all household expenses. This helps to avoid unplanned, impulsive purchases, about which we, as a rule, regret over time. […]

Your own budget helper

Despite the fact that most people know that “Money loves to be calculated”, only a few people really track all their expenses. Each of us at least once in a life turned out to be in a situation when it’s impossible to remember exactly where a significant sum of money has gone for a week. […]

How to budget my money?

All expenses are divided into two main types – unmanaged and managed. The first category includes utility payments, payment for a mortgage or apartment rental, internet, various transportation expenses (gasoline, travel card). Unmanaged costs are a category in which there is nothing to reduce. If you, for example, try to save on gasoline, someday you […]

Everything’s under control. Yearly budget planner

How many times have you planned a trip or some large purchases and couldn’t afford it because there was not enough money? It’s a permanent dilemma when you have a high income but for some unexplainable reasons eventually, you can’t spend it on something you wanted to. Why does it happen? We don’t control our […]

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