New leader of the stock market service Investify.Ai offers a whole new level of investment service

New leader of the stock market service Investify.Ai offers a whole new level of investment service

Today exist a great deal companies providing access to stock markets, but most often they offer the
same type of service, giving few potential to achieve the goals of investors. They may offer only a low
data refresh rate and use obsolete tools that do not meet current needs. This problem and the actual
level of technology development, which opens up new opportunities, pushed Sanji Bakuti and his
team to develop a new highly efficient integrated service for accessing the stock market Investify.Ai.
The startup has collected enough investment to complete the development of the service using
artificial intelligence and also for reorganizing the company. Participation in Dubai accelerator helped
the team not only attract investment, but also get positive feedback from Arab investors, which is very
good for the company’s prospects. Sanji Bakuti, the CEO of the project, said that due to the
uniqueness of their product, which adds value to customers, as well as positive ratings from investors,
they will be able to occupy a niche next to Forge Global and Invstr.

Attractive features of the project

The usefulness of the project, which attracted investors, is based not only on increasing the speed of
data transfer. One of the main feature of Investify.Ai is the use of artificial intelligence. It was created
by a former developer of AI Estafet Joey Bani based on project team preliminary developments. This
is a thinking, self-learning machine that, having studied hundreds of thousands of trading operations
for making informed decisions when trading on stock markets.
To show artificial intelligence the possible patterns of behavior of traders and investors in very sundry
situations, the creators of the project during the training of the machine themselves made
transactions. Then the developers honed decision-making algorithms, trying to bring them to the
optimum. Of course, AI still has its limitations, but in a single industry it is already quite capable of
replacing people and even ahead of them, due to the higher processing speed of information due to
the lack of a human factor.
The machine used by the Investify.Ai platform can manage trades, but for now it will act as a
consultant, since many people are not yet ready to completely entrust their significant assets to virtual
intelligence that many do not know. Platform users will have control over the transactions conducted
by artificial intelligence and the final choice will always remain with them. But they will be able to
receive comprehensive recommendations based on analytics, forecasts and warnings about the likely
dangers of some transactions. The capabilities of artificial intelligence can cover a much larger
amount of information that a human is able to process.

Further development of Investify.Ai

It is quite natural that at the first round the main attention of the startup creators was paid to the
mechanic of the work algorithms of the project in order to achieve the desired platform functionality.
Having received a positive result and feedback from investors and potential customers, the project
team has now focused on the remaining details and the convenience of user interaction with the
system. To improve the accuracy of forecasting events in the stock markets, developers are working
on increasing the forecasting period with several variations. Also, a lot of work is underway to update
the interface, which will allow investors to easily manage the machine and transactions. The creators
of Investify.Ai now want to bring the platform to a perfect look in all respects.
In order to cope with these tasks in time, more developers are hiring for the project, but despite the
increase in costs at this stage, the project directorate does not plan to attract more investment by
participating in another round of the accelerator, but, they are always ready to consider the
perspective of any interested private person contribution.
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