How to succeed in your networking 1-minute presentation?

How to succeed in your networking 1-minute presentation?

What to consider when writing a one-minute presentation for networking?

You only have a one-minute presentation to grab people’s attention and make them interested in you. Networking events actually exist so that you can listen to others and introduce yourself. So you should work on making your 1-minute presentation interesting and memorable. A good thing would be to be prepared in advance. You should know what you will be saying and how you will be presenting. Rehearse in advance so that you can focus on listening to others while waiting for your turn to present. The more prepared you are the more relaxed you can feel, which will make you a better speaker and listener. So step 1 – always do your homework!

Screenshot (1)Step 2 – add a “hook” to your networking presentation

It’s a good idea to start with a “hook”. Ask people a question, make a joke or tell a short story to grab people’s attention in the very beginning. After you made sure everyone was following you immediately start presenting yourself in the best way possible. Name your name, your company name and your offer at the very start.

Step 3 – focus on what is important in your one-minute pitch

Your joke, story or “hook” question shouldn’t take up the whole minute. The most important thing about your presentation is that you properly deliver your main point. Your message should be clear and everything you say or show should somehow support the one point you make. Don’t distract people with unnecessary details. Focus on one thing and go with it till the end. Give advice on that exact topic, present your offer, talk about your experience. Your speech shouldn’t get messy and your listeners should have a clear idea of what you are trying to sell.

Step 4 – talk about other people when networking

You should try to make everybody feel like they can relate to what you are saying. Use a lot of ‘you’ and ‘your’ in your speech. That will make people think of how you can help them rather than just get bored with general facts about you and your company that they can’t use anyhow. This tip also relates to any other content you produce.

Step 5 – include a call to action in the networking presentation

After your presentation people should have a clear idea of what your company is about. They should know their next steps for working with you. Ask them to connect on LinkedIn or Liking your Facebook page, tell them about that awesome deal your company is offering now, advertise your next big event and make them note all the details about it. People shouldn’t leave your speech with little or no idea of how to cooperate with you.

Step 6 – use your one-minute presentation to make an impression

As they say you will never get a second chance to give the first impression. The way you present your speech is sometimes even more important than what you say. Practice before the presentation and do your best at the stage. Good public speaking skills are the key!

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