Here you will find a lot of really useful information about effective financial budgeting, personal and family accounting and the ways to be productive when we are talking about savings, controlling expenses, achieving your financial goals etc. Enjoy!

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How much car can I afford?

Using a budget tracker is always a smart idea, but this useful habit becomes crucial if you’re planning on buying a new car. Between the down payment, monthly payments, fees, insurance, etc. it is simply impossible to figure out exactly how much money you can spend on a car so that you don’t find yourself […]

5 ways to save money for a vacation

If you’re desperately dreaming about a vacation but your bank account can’t handle it just yet, there are a few simple ways to save for a vacation without giving up the things you love and need.

How much to save for retirement?

How much should I save for retirement per month? If you’re struggling to answer this question, you’re not alone. Retirement savings are a topic of much worry for most people, but setting up a retirement savings plan will help minimize those worries.

How much rent can I afford to pay?

Getting a place of your own, even if you’re just renting, is an exciting step. But to avoid quickly becoming disappointed in your new living arrangement, or even worse, ending up broke and having to move back to your parents’ house, be responsible and first figure out the answer to “How much should I spend […]

The true cost of home ownership

Unfortunately, when buying a home most people only know about and consider a fraction of the costs that go into owning a house. We’re here to give you a breakdown of all costs involved in owning a house so you can make an informed decision before signing your mortgage papers.

Can I afford to have a baby?

Having a child is perhaps the most important decision in life for most people but the scale of the financial commitment that comes with having a child often comes as an unpleasant surprise to first time parents.

How much should I save for college?

Attending college is one of the most significant events in life for most people, but unfortunately, in addition to providing lifelong friendships, education, an opportunity for upward mobility and simply a fun experience, attending college can also give a person tons of stress and financial debt that often lasts a lifetime.

A guide to Cubux – the best free household budget calculator

When you choose Cubux as your household finance calculator you can forget about having a household budget spreadsheet printed out and hung on your fridge so that all the members of the family don’t forget to share expense. Our household budget program allows to you create one family account for everyone.

Cubux – best personal finance software for Mac

If you want to have the best, most convenient financial management software for Mac laptops at the tip of your fingers – look no further. Cubux have all the features you might need, great design, user-friendly interface. Plus, it’s free and you can’t beat that. If you have an iPhone or an Android-based phone, don’t […]

Simple personal budget app Cubux vs. budget worksheets

Do you have a dream of going on a vacation to Europe, buying a new car or just putting your kids through college without having to take out loans? Or do you just want to keep better track of your expenses and improve your financial discipline? Well, if you answered “yes” to any of these […]

How to budget household expenses effectively?

The issue of saving the household budget is becoming more and more urgent. How to reduce the expenditure part if you can’t increase the income? The simplest way to save money is control and accounting for all household expenses. This helps to avoid unplanned, impulsive purchases, about which we, as a rule, regret over time. […]

Your own budget helper

Despite the fact that most people know that “Money loves to be calculated”, only a few people really track all their expenses. Each of us at least once in a life turned out to be in a situation when it’s impossible to remember exactly where a significant sum of money has gone for a week. […]

How to budget my money?

All expenses are divided into two main types – unmanaged and managed. The first category includes utility payments, payment for a mortgage or apartment rental, internet, various transportation expenses (gasoline, travel card). Unmanaged costs are a category in which there is nothing to reduce. If you, for example, try to save on gasoline, someday you […]

Planning a personal budget with your own finance manager

Why plan my personal budget? Today many people ask themselves this question. And of course, the answer to it sounds quite simple: to control your finances. Due to the management of personal and family budget, it is possible to reduce spontaneous, as a rule, unnecessary expenses and at the same time to find out on […] app for monthly home accounting. The easiest way to financial well-being

Each of us spends a certain amount of money every month, thus managing our own finances. Making a competent choice in the implementation of expenses is necessary, as incomes must necessarily cover the needs. Many people on the way to financial well-being have benefited from such a decision as tracking all their monthly expenses. Managing […]

Everything’s under control. Yearly budget planner

How many times have you planned a trip or some large purchases and couldn’t afford it because there was not enough money? It’s a permanent dilemma when you have a high income but for some unexplainable reasons eventually, you can’t spend it on something you wanted to. Why does it happen? We don’t control our […]

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