Cubux – best personal finance software for Mac

Cubux – best personal finance software for Mac

circleIf you want to have the best, most convenient financial management software for Mac laptops at the tip of your fingers – look no further. Cubux have all the features you might need, great design, user-friendly interface. Plus, it’s free and you can’t beat that. If you have an iPhone or an Android-based phone, don’t worry! You can easily download Cubux on all of your devices and input your expenses or income on any one of them, the app will automatically synchronize the data on all of your devices so you can always be up to speed on what your personal finance situation looks like at the moment.

Why Cubux is the best financial software for Mac

Connecting your bank account to your Cubux account can save you tons of time and worry every day, as every single transaction, whether it’s a cup of coffee or your salary deposit, will automatically be posed to your personal finance software once a day and, therefore, will be accounted for. We support more than 2700 banks and other financial institutions throughout the worlds, including some of the largest banks in the USA: Back of America, Chase, Wells Fargo. A lot of people have several cards or bank accounts – that’s not a problem, we allow you to add as many cards or accounts as you want, which also makes it convenient to share a family account with your spouse and children.

Schedule repeated transactions with your budget software for Mac

If you pay rent every month, get the same cup of coffee every day or have any other repeated charges or income, you can easily add them to your Cubux budget software for Mac and choose how often you want to repeat the transaction: every day, week, month or year. After that you can simply forget about it and trust our software.

Get an analysis of your financial habits using best financial management software for Mac

If you’re looking to learn how to manage your finances better, figure out what you’re spending unnecessarily a lot of money on and find places where you can cut back your expenses, you will definitely love this next feature. When you’re using Cubux you can request an analytical report of your account history, expenses and income. You can see which categories take up a large part of your budget and what can be reduced (a lot of people are surprised how that one cup of Starbucks a day can add up to a hefty part of the budget). You can also choose to get a forecast of your account balance for any time period, the result will be based on your expenditures in the past.

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