Best Apps for new iPhone X, XS and iPhone XS Max

Best Apps for new iPhone X, XS and iPhone XS Max

New gadgets demand newest programs and apps. Your own awareness and your gadget’s productivity depends on how updated your software is. That’s why it’s of high importance that you choose only the newest and the best apps for your new iPhone X, XS or iPhone XS Max. We’ve completed quite a task, and here is the list of apps we consider to be the top ones.

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VSCO remains the best photo editing app for beginners. It makes snapshots better than the standard Camera app. And with filters, photos look even better. VSCO has recently been updated to fit the screen of the iPhone X.


This app takes your iPhone’s functionality to a completely new level. With its help you can come up with the chain of events that should happen one after another, and then you can easily make it all happen by just talking to Siri. It’s possible because Shortcuts is the Apple’s product. So, the lights will be switched, your coffee machine will start working, and the latest news reports will appear on your gadget’s display with just the sound of your voice command. And this is only the small part of your iPhone’s new technical miracles, others to be discovered.


Despite the fact that iPhone XS’s camera is perfect and adjusts automatically to the conditions where the photo is taken, some of us prefer to keep everything under control. It might be important to preset the brightness of your shots, their focus, exposure and some other features. In this case Halide would come in handy. Download this app and make your perfect photos.

Depth Control

If you’re fond of perfectly edited photos, you’ll definitely like the Depth Control option. It’s your unique feature for iPhone X, XS or iPhone XS Max. Using it one will easily get rid of any blurring background, and get the high quality shots. Starts editing photos with just a tap.


Together with iOS 12 Apple used to present a new feature available for the owners of iPhone X, XS and XS Max. Users can create a unique memoji with their image, and moreover it will move depending on your mood. So new memojis look like you, move the way you wish and fully reflect your emotional state.


1Password is one of the best password management applications. In it, you can choose where your encrypted data will be stored (locally, on a Mac, in Dropbox or in their service). The updated version uses Face ID, which greatly simplifies the process of entering passwords.

Now when you run 1Password you don’t need to do anything at all. Face ID will scan your face and authorize you in the application. The same applies to filling in passwords for third-party applications.

440feRome: Total War

One of the best strategies in the history of the series from the Creative Assembly has long been released on iOS, but was only available for the iPad.

All the same Feral Interactive were not afraid to set themselves a new task and move the game also to miniature (or not so) screens of smartphones. And they succeeded.

Nevertheless, no matter how much the authors optimize the interface, there are still quite a few small elements in it, and it will be much more convenient to use them on large screens on iPhone Xs, and even more so on Xs Max.


Get yourself some rest from your everyday activities and enjoy this lovely game. This is another bright and positive product of Amanita Design, and as other games this is not about struggling or completing tough tasks. It’s rather an interactive cartoon, where the pretty creature named Chuchel struggles for its cherries. The color spectrum is amazing, as well as the sound accompaniment. It is compatible with your iPhone X, XS or XS Max, so download this new game and have a nice time.

Drift Legends

This new game app for iPhone X or XS is a breathtaking drifting simulator. You choose one of the cars available, and just take part in any race on the numerous tracks in this game. You will definitely get as much adrenaline as possible, and will spend a nice time setting the records and competing with other players.

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