How to unblock someone on your iPhone or iPad

How to unblock someone on your iPhone or iPad

Your IPhone/IPad can help you get rid of those annoying calls or messages by simply giving you an opportunity to block the annoying phone number or email address. Doing so will prohibit that certain number/email from reaching you. Although that’s helpful, sometimes you might realize afterwards that you needed not to block that contact.

Fortunately it’s also just as simple to remove a number from your blocked list:

  • unin Settings choose either Phone, FaceTime or Messages;
  • for Phone tap Call Blocking&Identification;
  • for Messages and FaceTime tap Blocked;
  • next choose the Edit function in the upper right corner of your screen so that the red minuses/circles appear next to each of your blocked numbers/emails;
  • tap on the red minus next to the number you want to unblock or just swipe left and tap Unblock.

IOS also lets its users block not the whole contact’s information but choose a certain phone number or email address to block. Same is true for the unblocking. This makes the function more flexible and convenient to use than other blocking options, when you either block the whole contact or don’t block it at all.

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