Simple personal budget app Cubux vs. budget worksheets

Simple personal budget app Cubux vs. budget worksheets

nt2Do you have a dream of going on a vacation to Europe, buying a new car or just putting your kids through college without having to take out loans? Or do you just want to keep better track of your expenses and improve your financial discipline? Well, if you answered “yes” to any of these questions than our simple budget tracker Cubux is an ideal solution for you.

Old-fashioned budget worksheet vs. savings budget calculator Cubux

You may remember using home budget worksheets, personal budget spreadsheets in Excel or even printed out personal budget templates to keep track of your finances in the old times. Those probably took a long time to set up, printed templates would always get lost and you would constantly keep forgetting to enter your expenses when you got back home. Well, all of those problems are in the past now. Cubux is a simple expense tracker that you can download on your Mac computer, Iphone or Android. This gives you an opportunity to record your expenses on the go right as they happen to ensure you don’t forget about spending even a single dollar. If you prefer cash to credit cards, our personal finance app is virtually essential to keeping track of your personal budget and saving money.

Useful features of simple personal finance app Cubux

Cubux app allows you to use a plethora of features which are simply not available if you use a simple budget worksheet instead. Using Cubux instead of spreadsheets can save you tons of time which you can use to make more money!

Take a snapshot of a check

Record the checks you receive in one click by simply taking a picture of them – we will do the rest. Yes, it can be that simple!


Plan your monthly expenses easily by setting an amount you want to spend on health, housing, children, auto, clothes, etc. every month. This allows you to categorize your expenses and track your budget easily. You can also put in all of your income and it will automatically get added to your budget every month.

Incomes and expenses

Our free simple budget app also allows you to manually enter unexpected or irregular income and your daily expenses in a few clicks. Forget about trying to remember how much you’ve spent on a latte in the evening – just enter the expense as soon as you pay for your purchase and focus on more important tasks at hand.

If you’re looking for a free simple home budget calculator, choose Cubux – you won’t find an app that has more functions or is easier to use.

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