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Your own budget helper

Despite the fact that most people know that “Money loves to be calculated”, only a few people really track all their expenses. Each of us at least once in a life turned out to be in a situation when it’s impossible to remember exactly where a significant sum of money has gone for a week. […]

How to budget my money?

All expenses are divided into two main types – unmanaged and managed. The first category includes utility payments, payment for a mortgage or apartment rental, internet, various transportation expenses (gasoline, travel card). Unmanaged costs are a category in which there is nothing to reduce. If you, for example, try to save on gasoline, someday you […]

Simple home accounting with the Cubux expense tracker

Why is it so important to count money? Many of us think that it is boring and takes a lot of time. Let’s consider main reasons why it’s so important to track all expenses and manage home accounting.

Planning a personal budget with your own finance manager

Why plan my personal budget? Today many people ask themselves this question. And of course, the answer to it sounds quite simple: to control your finances. Due to the management of personal and family budget, it is possible to reduce spontaneous, as a rule, unnecessary expenses and at the same time to find out on […] app for monthly home accounting. The easiest way to financial well-being

Each of us spends a certain amount of money every month, thus managing our own finances. Making a competent choice in the implementation of expenses is necessary, as incomes must necessarily cover the needs. Many people on the way to financial well-being have benefited from such a decision as tracking all their monthly expenses. Managing […]

Everything’s under control. Yearly budget planner

How many times have you planned a trip or some large purchases and couldn’t afford it because there was not enough money? It’s a permanent dilemma when you have a high income but for some unexplainable reasons eventually, you can’t spend it on something you wanted to. Why does it happen? We don’t control our […]

Weekly budget app for simple home accounting

The most unpleasant feature of income is that it quickly turns into spending, threatening at the most inappropriate moment to leave you without money. To prevent such sad scenario, you can give yourself an oath only to earn, without buying anything, or you can simply keep a track of your expenses. The simplest and the […]

How to Save Money and Love the Process

Wondering how to save money, track your spending and income in the easiest way, and what tools can help with that? Read on to know what you can do and what option better fits your needs. Let’s face it, people who say that money is not important are either those who have mastered the art […]

Creating A Budget With Cubux – Home Accounting

It would not be an exaggeration to say that nearly everyone has at least once experienced problems with household accounting. Sometimes we find out that we are not able to save as much as we would like to, or we spend too much money without even noticing it. Setting up a budget plan and following […]

Why it is so important to divide your expenses into multiple categories?

When you are creating a household budget it is important to have a separate category for each expense in your budget to ensure you will have an accurate budgeting worksheet. On the other hand, if you only start thinking about creating a family, you can benefit from developing good personal finance savings skills, because you […]

How to spend less money?

Everyone knows that there is never too much money. Have you ever asked yourself how to spend less and how to save money, are there any tricks? Did you finally decide to spend less money and start your family budgeting? Are you seriously thinking about saving money and minimizing your household expenses? Then you came […]

What is home bookkeeping and why do we need it?

It’s better to earn more than spend less If you regularly run out of money a week before your next month’s salary and can’t account for the previous month’s salary, then it’s time to get a grip on the management of your personal finances. The aphorism used as an epigraph to this material is 100% […]

Researchers have found the best way of repaying debts

Researchers from Harvard University came to the conclusion that the so-called “snowball” method is very effective when it comes to the repayment of debts, states Business Insider. According to the data, provided by the Federal Reserve System, almost half of the families in the U.S. cannot repay their debts. The data, used by the researchers […]

How to start saving?

In this article you will find a few simple tips that will help you significantly cut back on spending to be able to save money. Start home accounting There are numerous software programs that can help you find the right way to save money. These are the so-called family or home budgeting tools, which are […]

Why is it so important to keep accounting records?

Many people think the main reason why they always encounter a lack of money or cannot afford to buy an essential but expensive item, is their low income. However, most of them have no idea that the cause of their financial problems is not a low income, but rather thoughtless expenses. Instead of complaining about […]

Benefits of Online Budget Planning

Household bookkeeping is a tool for tracking a family’s income and expenses or, to be short, a family budget. Using a finance tracker allows you to keep a track of all of your personal income and expenses. There are many websites that offer online budget tools. They are similar to desktop budget management software; the […]

Who Will Track Your Expenses?

Keeping track of expenses is hard only for those who have never done it. Here you will find some information on how to track your spending all by yourself.

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