Must-have apps for every Iphone in 2019

Must-have apps for every Iphone in 2019

Iphones are taking over the world. It is not strange – they are just too good and make our lives simpler and more comfortable. Now, they are not just simple mobile phones, with which you are able only to call or text someone. It is a portable PC with lots of possibilities that don’t end with just basic apps on your phone. The market of applications is just too big and many of these apps are must-have for your Iphone today. So, I’ve decided to give you a list with some of the best apps for Iphone today that will definitely make your life better.


If you need a task manager, Wunderlist is a great option for you that is able also for other Apple devices. Wide list of possibilities makes this app really useful and indispensable for your device. If you need to accomplish some kind of goal with a group, you can share the plan of task with other people, so you can interact with each other more precise. Of course, it is able to synchronize with all the important data on your phone just like any other task manager.


The most popular social network in the world is already a huge reason to download this app. It allows you to follow all the events and check your feed while not being at home. In general, this is a great way to use Facebook and be aware of every new trend.


Another popular social network, but quite different from Facebook, because it has the biggest efficiency on your phone, not on PC. It can be your diary or blog, or you can just use it as a news portal. Follow the people and accounts you want and feel the stream of society.


Okay, this will be the last social network. But as statistics say, 83% of Twitter users are using it on their phones, not on PCs, even if this is possible. This is a social networks, where all the funny stuff happens. Twitter even created such a social caste as “Twitter Philosophers”. This is the best social network to read people thoughts in their feed and share your thoughts with other people.

google-maps-logo-openGoogle Maps

Yes, Iphone have Apple Maps, but Google Maps are quite better in this sphere. Their maps are being updated more frequent and can tell you more information about the place you need. You can create your own routes, watch the public transport’s schedules.


An obligatory app for those, who want to watch movies or Tv shows with their devices. Just buy subscription and enjoy the process.


This is a great app that allows you to watch video in every format possible. If you have problems with playing videos.


Cubux is your budget controller that will help you to create plans, show you all the statistics and follow the amount of money that you have now, that you spend and that you earn. If you want to plan some event, it will help you make a budget for it.

scanbot-6-teaserScanbot 6

Scanbot 6 helps you to scan your documents by making a photo and transforming it into a text format on your phone. Quite useful app that will make you not to worry about the documents that you need to keep. It can also scan bills, business cards and other small documents.


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