Best return policies in stores

Best return policies in stores

Human history always was kinda complicated. Especially in aspect of cooperation and business. Trading began as a primitive communication between people in order to bargain desired things for themselves. However, world was evolving, and we’ve come to the era of consuming and technological boom. Today, we have so many available products that we need to save money in order to consume more. And the world is helping us with this factor. Internet shops appeared and allow people to plan their budgets better. You don’t have to go anywhere, just sit on your chair and buy all you need. However, there is a problem with internet shopping – return policy. Imagine buying a product and receiving it from other continent without a possibility to return it, at least for free. So, here is the list of the best companies with best return policies, so that you will be more confident in choosing store for purchasing different kinds of products.

111717_black_friday_shopping_tips.2e16d0ba.fill-1440×605Apple Store

Let’s start with the icon called Apple. There is a tradition that after releasing new gadget, whole city gathers in a queue to get new Iphone or Ipad. However, you can do it in Apple Store. If you have an order that exceeds $50 then you’ll have free shipping, so as returning. To return most of the products you have only two weeks, however, Iphone can be returned within 30 days.


The most popular internet store is quite loyal to his clients. If you are buying the products of Amazon, then order that is over $25 will be free shipped. However, other sellers won’t be as kind as Jeff Bezos and most likely will demand a payment for a shipping. But there is also one more great feature – if you buy something from Amazon’s clothes or accessories and find “Eligible for free super saver shipping and free returns” that has a Prime logo, you will get free shipping, possibility to try your item on and then decide its fate, whether it will be returned or it will be your new acquisition.


Ikea really wants to make every client satisfied. The attitude towards customers just shows their best aspects. Everyone has a possibility to return product within 1 year and have a full refund. Even if you lost receipt, you don’t have to make a tragedy out of this because Ikea will help you and try to find a purchase in their system.


Walmart also likes to satisfy his clients. You can return your product without receipt, but your product has to be checked on refund verification process. For that you have 90 days. It is your choice how to have your refunds – online or in real life. However, electronic devices are harder to return, because Walmart gives only 14-15 days of time and only with the receipt.

So, these were one of the best return policies. You need to be careful and control your budget, so you will always be ready to unplanned purchases and even more unplanned returns. Luckily, there are many apps and programs that can help you not to be paranoid about your money. As an example, I would take Cubux Budget Planner App – such apps will help you no to lose all your money in the casino and plan your future with a happy sight.

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