4 essential things you need to do after buying iPhone 11 Pro

4 essential things you need to do after buying iPhone 11 Pro

So you’ve finally received your brand new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, unboxed it and transferred all of your data from your old iPhone to the new device. So what’s next? Well, before you get back to using your phone normally or start trying out the new iPhone’s fantastic camera, you need to do a couple of essential things that will improve the security of your device and help ensure that its battery lasts as long as possible.

Set up Face ID on iPhone 11 Pro

ApIf you previously owned an older iPhone model (one that’s three years old or older), you’ve probably never used Face ID before. Face ID is a cool feature that allows your phone to recognize your face and unlock it in response, replacing Touch ID in the home button as the main identification tool. You are prompted to set up Face ID when you first turn on your new phone, but if you skipped this step, go ahead and set up the feature now by going to Settings, tapping Face ID & Passcode and choosing Set up Face ID. Once it’s done, all you need to do to unlock your phone is look at it.

Switch on optimized battery charging on iPhone 11 Pro

iphoThe new iOS 13 comes with a feature that will allow the phone to prolong battery life and keep the battery healthy. When you switch on optimized battery charging, your phone will use the information it collected about your nightly charging timeline and alarms that are set for the morning to optimize how your phone is charged. Instead of charging the battery to 100% right away, the phone will charge it to 80% and wait until an hour or so before you have to get up to finish charging, as this greatly improves battery health.

Test out iPhone 11 Pro’s new wide angle camera

iphoBoth iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro come with an ultrawide-angle camera that allows you to capture way more of your surroundings without having to move away. This camera is a game-changer when it comes to capturing landscapes. Just open the Camera app and tap on the 0.5x or 1x button to switch between the cameras.

Take a picture using Night Mode

iphone-11-renders-kaymak-1-500×500Night Mode is another new feature that comes with all 2019 iPhones. This camera mode is designed to allow you to take incredible pictures in situations where there isn’t much light, so now you can capture every evening outing with your friends with perfect image quality. The phone automatically turns on the Night Mode when there’s too little light, but you can also turn it on manually by tapping the moon icon in the camera app. Simply wait until the evening, go outside, and enjoy the magic of taking gorgeous night photos.

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