Best map apps for China

Best map apps for China

Traveling is definitely one of the most exciting moments in our lives. It is always great to see new things and feel the energy of new culture. Still, you need to be prepared for it, so you can enjoy it as much as you can. I’m talking now not only about the things that you have to take with, but also the information that you must gather in order to know the location perfectly and plan your trip precisely. One of the hardest countries to prepare for is China. This is a huge state with many complicated nuances. For example, many of internet aspects there are fully autonomous. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to come to China fully armed. First of all, you need to find the best map apps to see into the territory where you’re going. Of course, nobody brings simple paper apps nowadays just because you can have everything on your phone even more detailed and updated than with simple map. So, this text will help you to choose the best map apps for your visit to China. We will help you to make the first step of conquering this magnificent country. And I assume you – it is 100% worth it.

26_0Google maps

Let’s start with the most popular option. Google is a gigantic brand that covers approximately all of the internet spheres, including maps. This is a perfect way to navigate through the country, because it is available on every language and will make your trip comfortable and without any confusions. However, there is still a problem, and this problem is China policy. As I’ve told you earlier, this is an autonomous country, and they have their own map apps, while Google is blocked. But don’t worry, you can just download any VPN and it will serve you without any program or inaccuracies. Google maps are keeping updating day-by-day, and they have all the places that are worthy to go to.

Available on Android and IOS.

img_591ce67d658f6Apple Maps

This option is quite safer for usage, but is available only on Apple devices. Iphones are world’s most popular phones, and they are also available in China, so this won’t be a problem to use it, because it works properly in every corner of China. Just like with the Google Maps, Apple are updating all the information about the China’s territory. Apple maps are also proven by AutoNavi, about which we will talk in the next option.


AutoNavi is China’s most popular GPS car navigator that will make every driver’s trip safe. It is also a very good option for you, because this is one of the few Chinese apps that support English. If you don’t want to use internet every time just to check map, you can download the routes and use them offline. Unfortunately, it supports only IOS.

baidu-57f930cf3df78c690f743115-5b311018ff1b780037310eb9Baidu Maps

Honestly, i put Baidu Maps on the last place not without a reason. From all the mentioned apps, this one is the most uncomfortable to use for an average tourist. The problem is that supports only Chinese language and Chinese hieroglyphs. Baidu maps have the same features as Google Maps, but with some bonuses like schedules of public transport. Of course, if you know Chinese, it won’t be a problem for you. Also, they are available on both Android and IOS.

So, these were the most popular variants of map apps for you to use on your trip. I hope, you’ll find the best option for you and I wish you good luck.

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