Top cheapest and most expensive states to retire in

Top cheapest and most expensive states to retire in

Comfortable and calm retirement is a dream of every working human. To prepare for it, you need to consider different factors. One of these factors is the place where you’re planning to live. USA is a giant country with 50 states with their very own laws and economic situations. Some of them fit really good for the place to retire in, some of them not. So, we will take 5 best and 5 worst states for the retired people.

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  • Wyoming can’t be called a luxurious place to live in, but it is definitely not the best place for your retirement. Actually, this is the worst place. The thing that makes it so bad for pensioner is the absence of services and programs for helping older people.
  • Hawaii is a place that most of the people consider as a Paradise. But reality is often disappointing, especially for retirees. It may be obvious, but the biggest problem of this place is its expensiveness. First of all, Hawaii is a resort for people that come to relax and spend lots of money. The prices of rent, food and insurance are huge. However, if you were able to gain a considerable amount of money, you can go there with no doubts.
  • Rhode Island isn’t as special as Hawaii, and also has definitely more programs and services for older people than Wyoming, but other aspects, that are food, medicine, nursing homes, are really expensive.
  • North Dakota has one pretty obvious reason to be on this list, and that is weather. This factor forms all the prices for different types of service. It is also one of the worst terms of helping older people.
  • Alaska has similar situation to Dakota, but with one positive moment – they possess the 10th place on the list of services for retirees.

The cheapest states

  • South Dakota is definitely the best place for retirees. First of all, the prices aren’t very high. Second of all, it has lots of magnificent places where you can go and visit them regularly. Actually, it is also the most popular place for retirees to move in.
  • Missouri is a state with low level of crime, decent value of dollar and low prices on real estate ($161,600 – average price for a house). Also, it has many exciting places to visit, high-quality medicine and greatly developed industries of wine, which can make your life even brighter.
  • Indiana can be called a really quiet and nice place for older people The crime level is even lower than in Michigan, just like an average price on house, which is $145,300.
  • Ohio is a very cozy state for people that do love comfort. Crime level is extremely low for USA, and climate isn’t too cold or too hot – just perfect.
  • Florida is one of the dream places for every people to live a successful and fulfilling life. There is no income tax, which definitely simplifies the life of every retiree. Of course, how could we forget about the sunny weather, beautiful long beaches and hundreds of other gorgeous and exciting aspects of this place.
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