Best GPS apps and navigation apps for Android and iOS

Best GPS apps and navigation apps for Android and iOS

I think, everybody had a moment, when you go for a walk and then, after a few kilometers, understand, that you are lost. This occasion happens really often, when people are on their vacation and don’t know the territory.

In most cases the simplest way to solve this problem is to peak in phone’s map app and just get know, where are you now.

Luckily, there’s plenty of apps today, that can 100% accurate show your geolocation and help to navigate you to your destination. Of course, you may use these apps, when you need understand the restaurant’s address, that your friend spoke so much about. Or the museum, where men and women can connect to a beautiful world of art and history.

Anyway, here is top of best map apps, that will help not to get lost.

1026142Google Maps

Who doesn’t know Google? They are famous worldwide and made a lot of useful apps. For example, Google Maps. The main advantage of GM is that they have photographed, most likely, the whole planet Earth, so that you can now only get the address of the place, which you need to see, but also have images of it. This app is free to download and available for both IOS and Android.

Apple Maps

An IOS program, that is already downloaded on Apple product. It can show the shortest way to your destination and suggest places, where you can go, based on the calendar in the device or on your previous activity. Very helpful with public transport stops advises.

The main plus of is that you can use it offline — download all the maps and then use them without a Wi-Fi or mobile internet. It is possible to create routes without an internet and also look for interesting places — the maps are very detailed even in Third World countries. Available on IOS and Android.


TomTom is a navigating system for drivers. It cooperates with Uber, Toyota, Renault, Fiat, Apple and other giant firmas. Many wanderers don’t think for too long and choose this program because of a great detailing in every inch of a territory. You can also have maps in 3D and 2D. Also, maps contain many objects like restaurants, hotels etc. In Apple Products TomTom shows the very exact road, so that you’ll never miss a needful object or turn. For IOS this app is not free. As for Android

— It gives you some free kilometers every day, but then for more you need to pay the full price.

banner-slim-en_without_promoCity Maps 2GO

Download 5 city maps for free, set your route up, find interesting places, but for the next maps you have to pay. Downloadable on IOS and Android.


The map app for people, who can’t go anywhere without bicycles. MapMyRide helps you find the bicycle road in different cities and create yours. It is free for IOS and Android.

wifi_map_640x320Wi-Fi Map

This is an unusual map, but quite useful. We all had that moment, when there is no mobile internet and don’t know the passwords to all Wi-Fi nearby. Well, here is a solution. This is an app, that shows all the free Wi-Fi and gives you a password to it. It is free and available on IOS and Android.

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