How to notice the fact that you’re a shopaholic

How to notice the fact that you’re a shopaholic

We are living in a consuming age. In comparison to other centuries, we have a colossal amount of products. With such a variety of supply, comes high demand. Sometimes, this demand turns into addiction. Usually, those addicted people are called shopaholics. In daily routine we see this as a small problem, but when the reality hits you, it is easy to see all the impact that has been done by purchasing all that you can notice. Yes, we all are kinda shopaholics, but that is not a problem if we know the limits. Here are some tips and signs that will show your unhealthy attraction to different kinds of products, especially clothes. Every addiction can be seen by its symptoms.

pexels-photo-1345082-e1550589412480Check your pockets

Well, this is quite obvious, but demonstrative. If you begin your day with bunch of green papers and end it with few coins in the pouch, that means you have a problem and you are shopaholic. Of course, that can’t be judged only by the amount of money that were spent, because without other viewable symptoms we won’t know that this money were spent to just buy some stuff that you won’t even use. And with this sentence we are going to the next sign.

You don’t use the product you bought

The best products that can show this problem are clothes. Just take a peek in your wardrobe and if you can see some things that are covered in dust, fully unused, it is quite a red flag.

Buying too expensive items

Price is a subjective measurement, but buying things that you can’t afford is not okay. This is a sign of a big shopaholics. This kind of waste can simply get you into debt and create dangerous situation not only for you, but also for the people that are around you do care about you.

Being under the affect

As I’ve told earlier, shopaholics are modern day addicts. It can be seen when they go shopping, and their condition begins to flow and hormones are going wild.

Shopping is the only thing that can put a smile on your face

Many shopaholics think that shopping is the only one happy element in their lives. They wake up in gloom without any wish to go somewhere but shopping. A true commitment to materialism and consuming pantheon.

Absence of feeling the problem

When your friends start to suspect you in senseless shopping and you answer to their worries something like “I can end it whenever I want”, you are making yourself a sentence. Because all of the addicts can’t acknowledge the problem.

Emotional roller coaster

Sometimes, when you go to another shopping center you are asking yourself “why?”, judging yourself, having remorse, but still give up to your sinful wishes and buy another product you wouldn’t even use.

Being a shopaholic is not a death sentence, you always can solve this problem. All you need is a strong will, support from your family, people that are close to you, and control of your budget. With first two points I can’t help you, but to control your budget you can use Cubux Budget Planner App. It will show the graphics and plans of your money, all the investments and savings. And remember – don’t try to lie to yourself, because other people won’t even listen to you, so confess to yourself and work hard to be better.

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