Budgeting your wedding

Budgeting your wedding

Human lives are always rich on many different events. One of the best and the most important events is wedding. It opens a new page in your life and brings you on new level of joy and happiness. Of course, the occasion of this level of importance requires high level of preparation. Weddings are usually very expensive to organize. You need to plan your budget and precisely know where to invest your money in. With this text, you’ll gain some calculations and useful advices on how to create a good and qualitative budget for your wedding and also, make it really unforgettable.

many-coins-in-a-money-jar-with-wedding-label-000063498213_LargeFirst of all, you should know, what the average cost of wedding is. The amount of money is quite impressive. No, not quite, really impressing. Usually, people spend $30000. Yes, this is a lot of money and you might not understand, where does all this money go. Well, there is a rule that wedding has to impress not the heroes of occasion, but the people that are invited. Every extra invitee creates extra amount of money that has to be invested.

This leads us to first advice: you have to consider and control number of people that you are inviting. Many people want to have a pompous wedding and they can’t be judged. Anyway, with the uncontrollable number of invitees you can really mess up all the budget and make it a bit colossal.

Also, you need to figure out who will pay for what. Yes, this kind of conversation can be a little bit awkward, but still, it has to be decided. Since you are going to marry and you have equal rights, you have equal responsibilities, so plan the spendings with your second half and it would be much easier to come to financial conclusion and mutual understanding. 

Banquet is always an expensive part. This aspect really correlates with the number of invitees. The equation is quite simple: The more people you invite, the more money you spend. If you will invest more money on food than it needs, other elements will suffer from a lack of investments.

Everyone can agree that the place, where such events are held, really help to contribute the wonderful atmosphere of celebration. Of course, to rent a good venue you need to spend a convincing amount of money. But, there is a way to save your budget extra money. Some places can also provide you with food, so that you won’t have to invest excessive money on buying food and beverages from other places. Don’t forget that you can be creative and save your from renting expensive hotels and restaurants. Having your wedding somewhere on nature is also an option. Elegant and cheap option. Still, be ready to invest 40-50% of budget on food and venue.

Suits and wedding dresses are the main elements that make newlyweds the center of ceremony. The difference between the prices of various options make it quite difficult to put in the wedding budget. My advice for you is to create a separate budget for your clothes. 

One of the most undervalued elements of spending are invitations. “But why, those are just simple pieces of paper”, you may ask. Still, invitations create the first impression of your wedding, and they have to look good. Sometimes, people order custom-designed invitations. Also, consider the postage that will also cost some money. 

To sum up, you have to work hard to create a perfect budget for you. One of the best way to save some money is to use Cubux Budget Planner App. It will help you to calculate all the spendings and to know them exactly. Good luck with the wedding. Hope, you’ll have an exciting future.

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