5 Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone/iPad

5 Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone/iPad

Nowadays, everyone is able to get some pictures on phone or tablet. Needless to say that “clear” photos look worse than pictures which were upgraded with some elements of  editing apps. You can easily make your picture look better with a lot of filters, funny or smart elements, or you can create some different color styles to give more interesting or delicate look by using these apps. With so many choices in the App Store, it’s pretty hard to decide, which one is the best for your needs. Here are some of the most effective photo editing apps for your Iphone or Ipad.

4656576f16aa102f2db47e57d7271486VSCO Cam

You should start with the easiest to use one – VSCO Cam. Here you will find a sea of basic filters, beautiful and delicate disposable presets, adjustable filter strength, large selection of presets available for download for free, image customization tools for exposure, color, and other enhancements. If you are a beginner, then this is really the best photo editor that we recommend for study.


If you actively use Instagram, then you exactly know that square cropping often spoils the picture. This problem is especially relevant for panoramic photos. In a difficult moment, the Squaready application will come to help with that problem. With abilities of this app, you can add frames of any color around the photo or only on one side. The desired color for the frame is quite easy to pick with the help of a whole spectrum.


Snapseed is very interesting and popular photo editing application for iPhone. This app looks very easy to use, but at the same time, this redactor offers you a wide collection of tools. Here you can add filters, frames, crop photos, edit contrast, find popular and favorite of many people HDR. In addition, there is a big list of creative filters that you can use to convert your photos to white and black, apply textures, add blur effects and enhance the mood of your images.It is literally an incredible application, which can do everything.

Mixer_(website)_logo.svgPix: Pixel Mixer

This Photo Editor will appeal to those who are looking for filters, frames, textures and a convenient interface in one place. In Pix you can try up to three filters at the same time. If something is superfluous – just delete it and look for a more suitable one, and you can save your favorite combinations for the future as a pattern. Among the structures, Smoke with smoke, Snow with snowflakes, stunning blue DeepSea and Honeycomb honeycombs are especially good. The program has 20 different frames, including the New Year one. If it is not enough for you, this app offers you to buy some more interesting filters, fonts etc.

A beautiful Mess(ABM)

ABM is an application that should be on the phone of every girl! Not very easy, but cute and comfortable in use ABM Photo Editor is perfect app to make your pictures much beautiful. In addition to the basic filters, there are many ready-made phrases, fabulous fonts for inscriptions, hearts, stars, bicycles and other cute prints with which you can strew your entire photo.

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