Products that have the biggest markups

Products that have the biggest markups

Today, we have a lot of possibilities to buy things that were considered as products only for rich people. Social system in civilized world must satisfy the demands of every consumer, at least, his most basic demands. In spite of such variety of different products and their prices that often correlate with their quality, there are some place that have products with giant markups. Usually, these products can simply be found elsewhere much cheaper, but main goal here is to tell about the most significant markups which can serve as a lesson for people who waste their money frivolous.

560999d19dd7cc1c008bda74-750-375Popcorn and sweets in cinema

This is classic. Everybody knows the rule that in movie theater price of popcorn equals the price of a solid diamond. The reasons are quite simple. Cinemas are paying big money for a rent, so they have to sell them for expensive prices. And also, sizes of popcorn bags are usually very big and gives you a half-day amount of calories, or even more. The markups are usually 1,000+ percent, so the best way is to buy snacks somewhere else. Luckily, many cinemas allow clients to bring their own food.


Every seller knows that water is a product with the colossal markup. People are spending the 300 times the price of tap water to bottled. The advice is quite simple: don’t overpay and drink tap water.


Alcoholic drinks are another thing with impressive markup. Even the cheapest swipes of them all has a markup of 100%. Alcohol becomes ever more expensive when it comes to restaurants and bars, where markup raises straight to 400%. If you want to by an alcohol by its prime cost – don’t go to shopping center and try to look for handmade drinks.


It is always very romantic to give flowers to your beloved one. Especially when you buy 100 of roses. Sounds expensive, yes? But you should consider that they cost much cheaper than the price that you’ve paid. If you want flowers with minimum markup, be patient. Wait for season of the flowers and also try to find the best retailers.

Prescription drugs

This topic is one of the sorest topics for people. Instead of curing people, they make people even sicker because of the price. Markups can reach 3000% that is enough to cause a heart attack. But medicine has a rule: every prescription drugs have substitutes and you don’t have to be shy about asking that your doctor.

Holiday accessories

People, selling this type of accessories are omnipotent. Usually, people buy postcards or other things in this sphere at the last moment. So, they don’t have a choice, but to bow down to the markup of 1500%. But if you want to “break the wheel” – try not to buy everything right before the deadline, or even show your creativity and make postcard all by yourself.


Well, now you know more about the laws of the market and what products have the biggest markup. Be patient and control your budget. Of course, my duty is to tell you about Cubux Budget Planner App that will help you to control your investment and spending.

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