7 best apps for iPhone 11

7 best apps for iPhone 11

Play games with Apple Arcade

tbhaWhile this is not technically an app, we have no doubt that Apple Arcade will soon become a favorite of many iPhone users. As you probably know, your new iPhone 11 comes with the brand new iOS13, which means that right when you get your phone you will have access to Apple Arcade – a new Apple gaming service. The Arcade is a subscription-based service that costs 5 dollars a month, but the first month is free. With this subscription you will be able to download and play various games for free – right now you can choose from 50 games but this number will be increasing as the service gains popularity.

aimZTrack your workouts with Strava

Strava is a must-have app for avid cyclists, hikers and runners, as it allows you to track your workout activity. What sets this app apart from competitors is its enthusiastic community of cyclists and runners, which gives you a chance to meet new people, take part in challenges, complete tasks and more.

Best-APerfect your photos with Focos

iPhone 11 is full of exciting new features, one of them actually allows you to change the depth of the photo once you’ve taken it. You can certainly do this with the regular iPhone photo app, but it has certain limitations. On the other hand, with Focos you will be able to precisely adjust photo depth parameters to create perfect portraits and close-ups.


Take perfect pictures with Halide

While the camera on iPhone 11 is indeed great, it doesn’t let you have a lot of control over the pictures you’re taking – most parameters are set and adjusted by the phone automatically. But if you want to have more control, try using Halide to take pictures. This app allows you to take pictures in RAW format, adjusting shutter speed, exposure, focus, brightness and more as you go.

mjiSX8Use Pocket to read news articles

Have you ever come about an article that looks interesting and intriguing, realized that you don’t have time to read it because it’s time to get off the subway or you have to get up and start getting ready for work and then lost the article forever? With Pocket that will never happen again, as you can save all the articles in the app and come back to read them later without ads and other distractions.

freeScan documents easily with Scanbot

If your work involves a lot of scanning, you will definitely love Scanbot. This easy-to-use app allows you to scan numerous pages of documents with one tap and gives you a chance to organize and sort them as needed.

2fjgiwjStore files with DropBox

While you can use iCloud Drive to back up your files, DropBox is a much better choice for those who like to be organized. This app allows you to store all of your files in the cloud, where you can create different folders for documents and photos, share files with others and even make them available offline just in case you lose internet connection.

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