Your own budget helper

Your own budget helper

Your own budget helperDespite the fact that most people know that “Money loves to be calculated”, only a few people really track all their expenses. Each of us at least once in a life turned out to be in a situation when it’s impossible to remember exactly where a significant sum of money has gone for a week. Very good for your own pocket, if you look at the structure of costs clearly, for example, in the diagram. For many people, such analysis leads to a reassessment of views on the expenditure side of the budget.

So, it’s absolutely clear that money has to be calculated and all the expenses have to be taken into account but how to do it maximally simple and convenient? In order not to turn this procedure into something boring and tedious, special budget programs for tracking all expenses and incomes have been created.

Budget diary in your smartphone

Nowadays there are free programs which will totally change your financial situation. One of such budget keepers is Cubux app, which helps budgeting money, offer free budget forms and worksheets and is extremely simple and convenient to use. With this budget helper, you will be able to control all your costs and expenses by using the smartphone, tablet or computer. Using Cubux settings, you can create any categories of incomes and expenses, both general (for example, food) and detailed (meat, bread, butter, etc.). The more categories, the more qualitative at the end of the month you will be able to analyze your financial activities – this budget organizer allows you to create a variety of reports and display them in the form of tables and graphs.

Main advantages of the app

With Cubux budget help, you can track all your incomes and expenses in different currencies, transfer money from one account to another, and give an access to the app for several people at the same time. The opportunity to fill the common family budget form allows you to evaluate general expenses and incomes of your family more effectively.

This app is multiplatform, so you will be able to fill the budget forms wherever you are, all you need is only a smartphone. Also, the budget help application from Cubux provide users with the wide choice of budget forms free templates, so you don’t have to search for the most suitable one on the Internet. Just choose the form with the most convenient budget format – and you are ready to start.

At the end of a chosen period (day, week, month or year) the program analyzes all the expenses and incomes and can provide you with the balance forecast (creating a budget for the next time period basing on your expenses) and with the schedule of expenses and revenues with filtering by accounts, users and period. With such analytics, you will be able to think through how to more effectively create a budget for the future by limiting all the unnecessary expenses.

Cubux is an application for those who want to keep their finances under control and get a qualitative budget help free. With its help, you can monitor expenses, analyze how to do a budget properly and always be aware of how much savings you have. In addition, the application can record your debts and fixed payments, as well as remind you of the need to make another payment.

If you are searching on Google for possible ways to “help me budget my money”, this app will become exactly what you need. It doesn’t only helps budgeting money free but also provides with the useful analytical data which helps to reconsider unnecessary costs and purchases, saving the significant part of your budget.

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