Best apps and games for iPhone XR

Best apps and games for iPhone XR

There might be various reasons why you’re seeking for the best apps and games for iPhone XR. Is it because of your purchase of a new device, or because your child or girlfriend asked you to make iPhone a bit brighter – you will definitely find your very solution from our list.

Cubux – Free Budget Tracking Software


Sweatcoin reflects an absolutely new approach to the idea of keeping fit. It provides a new kind of motivation for those whom consider words not that persuasive. The app counts your steps, gives you Sweatcoins to mark your progress, and after you’ve made a really impressive number of steps, you can exchange your rewards in a real world. Don’t you think it’s worth trying?


If you travel frequently and like to make a route yourself, you probably will need the LikeALocal application. Here are the best recommendations from local residents about places that are worth visiting: from large shopping centers to atmospheric cafes, hidden from the usual tourist routes. The application itself is a mirror of the site of the same name, which has a great advantage: you can use it offline.

Log in to the application, and all saved bookmarks will be available directly on the phone. Even in the absence of the Internet, you can view descriptions of places, addresses and opening hours.

1_uOtter Voice Notes

Will definitely appear on your iPhone XR as one of the best apps because it’s a unique assistant when you need to make quick notes. In your business, studies, creative process, or just being a working mom – Otter will record your voice, transcribe it and give you lots of options to work with. You can edit the transcribed information, playback your audio, snap photos, send the edited text in txt, pdf or whatever, send the recorded voice message as an MP3, and your calendar can even remember you, that you need to record the important meetings or lectures. Be efficient and save your time.

Blackmoor 2

Get some rest after your working and studying activity, and estimate a real breathtaking arcade platformer, that gives you an ultimate opportunity to build underground dungeons, to enjoy an interesting plot, and to try the multiplayer mode in real time. Short after the game begins you can save your achievements via iCloud, so you’ll be able to lay Blackmoor 2 not only on your iPhone XR, but also on iPad.


This is probably the best alternative to the “native” application Podcasts today. It is convenient to use it due to the convenient interface and features like Smart Speed and Voice Boost. The first automatically removes all the plots with silence, which helps save time, and the second makes the voices louder. In this case, both functions are available in the free version of the application, you will need to pay only if you want to listen to your own files through Overcast.

Halide Camera

One of the best apps to make shots of your pets and any inanimate objects for your iPhone XR. Due to peculiarities of iPhone XR’s regular camera it was impossible to define anything but humans’ faces while photographing, and the background was a bit blurred. Halide Camera gives the opportunity to make portrait shots of your pets and incredible pictures of still nature. Being creative becomes easier!


FaceTime does not have a group video call feature yet, however you can use Houseparty to talk with several friends at the same time. One of the undoubted advantages of the application is the ability to create permanent rooms where any of the invited users will be able to enter if they wish, at any time.


If you lack the ability to shoot in raw on iPhones, then Adobe’s Lightroom would be a great choice! This application is free, supports synchronization with Photoshop and Lightroom on your computer (if you have a Creative Cloud subscription) and allows you not only to shoot in RAW, JPEG and HEIC, but also to edit photos using a variety of sliders.

One of the important advantages is the ability to preserve the processing sequence, with the result that you can create your own filters – in addition to the default presets in Lightroom. In general, Lightroom is a great application, if you are not interested in filters, but in manual settings (including working with curves).

imOpera Touch

One of the best apps for iPhone XR, as well as an irreplaceable solution for busy people, that gives the opportunity to use your mobile device on the run. Browser’s interface was optimized in a way that you can use it with one hand only. It will start working in the search mode, the keyboard will be activated automatically, and the user won’t have to perform any additional actions. Usable, innovative and long-awaited.


The best password manager for the iPhone, with the release of the update for iOS 12 has become even better. Now you can use it for authorization on any sites and applications with one touch. 1Password is able to store passwords, bank cards and other data in encrypted form.


Today we don’t always need traditional money. Cryptocurrency became a popular way to store your fortune, so the developers of MyEtherWallet did their best to release a reliable and safe way for you to enter your account and perform any necessary transactions with your digital fortune from iPhone XR.

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