How to add emoji to email subject line?

How to add emoji to email subject line?

In spite of the popular belief that the use of emojis in business emails is not “professional”, statistics actually show that they work. An emoji in the email subject line will actually positively affect your open and click rates, sense of friendliness.

Screenshot (4)Why do you want to use emoji in email subject line?

  • People’s email inboxes are usually overwhelming. There are a lot of emails and your point is to make your email stand out. Using emoji in your subject line will help you grab people’s attention.
  • This will lead to a higher response rate than a traditional subject line will give you
  • Emoji will make your subject lines look better on mobile devices

How to choose an emoji for email subject?

  • You should choose the emojis depending on your content. If your email should look professional and you don’t think that using emojis would be appropriate, you should keep in mind that there’s a range of emails like ™️, ©️, ®️ that look conservative.
  • You should keep all your emojis relevant to your content.
  • Use emojis to set the tone of your email. Emojis can convey lots of emotions, use a face emoji to show your followers what they are to expect in this email.
  • You should try to focus your readers’ attention on your keywords. To do so place an emoji after your keyword in your subject line. It will also be better to read if emoji is in the end.
  • Use emojis that will somehow help you to display the nature of your business. Emojis should be used as a natural extension of your branding.

Where do you find emoji for subject lines?

There are a lot of different platforms where you can find emojis to paste into your email subject line. Here are some of them:

  • The most popular one is probably Emojipedia
  • Or you can use Cool Symbol
  • You can also download a Google Chrome extension – ‘Emoji Keyboard
  • Use emojis in MailChimp when using the platform for email marketing. Although the choice of emojis it gives you is quite limited, they are extremely easy to use. Moreover, there is a way for you to take an emoji from a website like Emojipedia and add it to MailChimp. However, you should always test them before sending out an email as different operating systems render different versions of emojis.

What you should always keep in mind when using subject line emoji?

You should always remember that emojis may look different on iOS and Android or on mobile device and computer, some emojis only exist within one operating system. You don’t want your followers to end up seeing a white square or the word ‘emoji’ in the subject line. Therefore, test your emails on how they look on different operating systems to avoid any weird signs instead of emojis in your clients’ inbox.

Using emojis in subject lines can help your email marketing campaign: they are attention-grabbing, can set the right tone for an email or just make it look fun. So why don’t give them a shot in your next email marketing campaign?

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