How to delete a review on Facebook?

How to delete a review on Facebook?

Can you delete Facebook reviews if you don’t like them?

None of us likes to be criticized, especially publicly. That’s why it might get frustrating to receive bad reviews on Facebook. And the question that will most likely come to your mind is how to remove a bad Facebook review. Unfortunately, we have to upset you because there is no particular way to completely delete Facebook reviews but there are a couple ways to deal with the negativity on your Facebook page. Of course, you can fully turn off the review section but that is definitely not recommended.

Screenshot (2)How to deal with bad Facebook reviews?

There are a couple of ways that might help you delete the bad Facebook review or at lear deal with it in a proper way. Some of the best tips include:

  1. Be a bigger person and respond to the review. Be polite and start by apologizing. Try to figure what exactly had happened that made that person leave you a bad review. Patiently respond and try to help your client. You actually should always respond to both positive and negative reviews. Customers need to feel like their opinions matter.
  2. You should always keep a hand on the pulse and respond to any activity on your page as soon as possible. This will help you improve your communication with customers, hear valuable feedback, and stop a problematic situation right at the start. You should also encourage your customers to leave their feedback on your business page. This will help you increase the number of positive reviews and therefore improve the good/bad reviews ratio in case you get some in the future. Send customers your social media links and casually mention leaving a good review for you in your newsletters.
  3. You can report negative reviews on Facebook. Ask as many people as you possibly can to help you mark the negative review on Facebook as unfair. Facebook will get your feedback and will probably take action to eliminate the unnecessary negativity on your posts. Explain the situation to your team or even friends and encourage people to help you report the unfairness.
  4. After you have sent this review you will see a screen, saying ‘Thanks for letting us know’ and mentioning your next steps. For example, you can message a person that left a review to ask them to delete it or try to solve the problem.

Reviews are important for proper business functioning. Forbes has even released a statistics concerning the importance of your online reviews for attracting new potential clients. It is believed that about 90% of online buyers read reviews before actually making a purchase, and about 67% of purchase decisions were actually made because of online reviews. 84% of people value online reviews as good as personal recommendations and 74% report that positive reviews make them trust a particular business more.

What are your strategies for coping with negativity on your social media pages? What is the best advice you can give?

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