Best Applications for Tracking your Personal Budget

Best Applications for Tracking your Personal Budget

It’s a horrible statistic, but many Economy Schools graduates admit that they are not familiar with personal accounting. At the same time the same people plan financial life of big enterprises – isn’t it a paradox?

People who have realized the necessity of tracking their personal budget can be divided into two groups: those who don’t understand where they spend their money and those who try hard to have enough savings.

Personal budget is your own scheme of income and expenses in a set period of time (for example, a month or a year). Optimizing your personal funds means to manage your finances in a way where you can afford buying everything you want, at the same time saving money for your dreams with no harsh restrictions or changes in your lifestyle.

There is a number of applications that will help you to account your private funds, among which are:


Cubux is an extremely convenient and easy to use budget planner for personal and family use. You can use Cubux on your smartphone, computer and even tablet. Cubux helps you keep track of your income and expenses, record various transactions, plan your budget and forecast what your finances will look like in the near future. The app also provides an analysis of your finances and expenses, allowing you to better understand how you’re doing financially and what can be improved.


It’s one of the simplest, yet the most popular applications, the aim of which is to give you reminders that will help you to reach your goals. The application not only provides analysis of your expenditures, but also helps you to avoid late payments, which may result in unnecessary expenses.


This mobile app is one of the most mature and the most professional tools you can find on the market. It will help you at all stages – from understanding debits and credits to analyzing your budget, building your financial goals, saving, and learning how to invest. This software keeps its positions for dozens of years so far, and is available for Android and iOS devices, as well as for devices operating on MacOS and Windows.


FutureAdvisor is an application for beginner investors. This application’s goal is to analyze your portfolio to give you smart advises on investing and diversification of your funds, considering tax load.


The main goal of this app is to help you learn the basics of financing and managing your personal funds. YNAB application provides you step-by-step tutorials in finances as soon as you learn the basics of personal accounting. YANB also gives a free trial, allowing you to decide if this app is beneficial for reaching your financial goals.

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