3 ways how to balance personal checkbook

3 ways how to balance personal checkbook

The principle of the balance checkbook is easy. It supposes the careful recording of each withdrawal and deposit during a certain period with the calculation of the difference between incomes and outcomes. The result shows you your profit or loss.

There are 3 ways to do it. The classic way is to buy a special notebook and to write data by hand. The second one is to use Excel or special software which will show you the profit or loss immediately. And the third is to trust your finance to cloud or Internet storage. Let’s find the best  idea how to choose checkbook of your family.

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Option 1: Paper checkbook

The average price is about $2-4. The financial notebook has a wide classification. The most widespread is a monthly budget planner with 4 large blocks for each month: an expenditure tracker, a calendar, total rows and a to-do checklist.

The disadvantage of such method is a limited space for records so it doesn’t fit the daily records as food and needs of the big family. Besides, you need more time to find the required data and complete checkbook reconciliation.

Learn the video about balancing by hand in this video.

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Option 2: Software or Excel checkbook

Most of our operations are recorded online, so the using of automatic software will be a useful thing. The electronic check register has more advantages in  balancing checkbook than a paper one. They support the categorization and wide spectrum of sorting options.

You have the opportunity to import scanned checks or links to shop account into the system. Some of them can read them and categorize your purchases automatically. Such approach reduces the time you need to enter the required data.

Most of such software is commercial. It has limited free options and possibilities with a trial period. So the best idea to save your money with task “balance my checkbook” could be using the standard Microsoft Excel or Openoffice Calc software with a lot of free printables. You can adopt them to your needs.

Watch video lesson how to create Excel check register.

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Option 3: Cubux Internet service

However, most people want to have one storage for all devices they use to balance their home finances. So the best idea is to use Internet services. Cubux is one of them. The online network supports synchronization between PC and popular mobile platforms. The computer version doesn’t need installation. The apps for Android and iOs are available in official markets and partner websites. Finally you’ll get an instant access to your accounts worldwide from any device with account logged in.

And at last one main question: where to get a checkbook? You can simply register on our site and set automatic synchronization with your Internet bank and service data. As result you will get the qualitative reports with clear graphs and printable worksheets accessible from multiple platforms.

Hundreds of people have already chosen Cubux for balancing their checkbooks. And you?

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