How to start saving?

How to start saving?

In this article you will find a few simple tips that will help you significantly cut back on spending to be able to save money.

Start home accounting

There are numerous software programs that can help you find the right way to save money. These are the so-called family or home budgeting tools, which are typically fairly easy to use. Logging of daily expenditures will teach you self-control and it is just one of the many great features that come with these incredible apps.

Set a limit for daily expenses

It’s a brilliant idea to determine the amount that you and your family will be spending each month. Take this amount from your monthly income and deposit the remainder into a savings account.

Say “no” to loans

The interest rates that you have to pay for credit card loans are quite high. Furthermore, credits cards also encourage you to spend much more than you initially planned.

Save on:

  1. Food – This certainly does not mean that you should compromise on health. Keep in mind, however, that in reality, you don’t really need 50% of the products you buy.
  2. Utilities – Install gas and water meters to help you monitor their use and ensure you switch off the lights whenever a room is not in use. Opt for special energy-saving lamps and A+ energy-efficient appliances that save you both time and energy.
  3. Transport – Use your car less than you currently are. As time goes by, you will find yourself spending less on fuel, maintenance, car wash services, etc.  
  4. Phone – Study the call tariffs offered by various mobile service providers and significantly reduce the cost of calls and sms.
  • Save no less than 10% of your monthly income every month. With time, you will notice a significant growth in your savings. You should not attempt to spend this amount. To avoid the temptation of spending this amount, it is advisable to deposit this amount into a separate bank account, preferably one with compounding interest. Make sure you review all the types of bank accounts available and choose one that suits you best.

Set a goal

You will be much more motivated to save if you set a clear goal that requires a financial means to achieve it. It’s better to set a goal, for which you will be ready to endure anything; eating at expensive restaurants, limiting your purchases to the bare essentials, renouncing mass entertainment, etc.  

As you can see, it’s quite possible and easy to start saving. However, to be able to do so consistently, a lot of self-discipline, sacrifice and patience is required. Having clear goals that are aimed at improving your present financial situation will help keep you motivated and focused on your saving goal.


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