iPhone XS vs. iPhone XR

iPhone XS vs. iPhone XR

If you’re thinking about upgrading your iPhone to a newer model, specifically to one of the new iPhone models that came out in 2018, iPhone XS or iPhone XR, this article is for you. We will first talk about each of the two new iPhones individually and then compare them to give you a sense of which phone is best for your needs.

iPhone XR specs

htThis 2018 iPhone is the cheapest new iPhone you can buy that has an iPhone X-type design. The iPhone XR features a substantial 6.1-inch LCD screen with iPhones famous Liquid Retina technology. This screen gives you a resolution of 326 pixels per one inch, which is a little lower than 458 pixels per inch that you get with iPhone XS.

Another notable difference from iPhone XS is that iPhone XR has only one camera on the back and one selfie camera, while the XS model has two cameras on the back and one camera on the front of the phone, which is preferable if you are, for instance, an aspiring blogger and you only use your phone for taking photos.

A significant advantage of iPhone XR is its long battery life – you can expect you phone to last a little over 12 hours on a single charge while the XS model lasts for just under 10 hours.

A small disadvantage of an iPhone XR is that it doesn’t have 3D touch support, the phone boasts the Haptic Touch feature instead, which is a bit less advanced.

Finally, the biggest advantage of iPhone XR is its affordable price: a 64GB model will send you back 749 dollars, a 128GB model costs 799 dollars and the most expensive 899-dollar model mas 256GB of storage. You can choose from six bright colors: yellow, white, red, black, coral and blue.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max specs

mBoth iPhone XS and XS Max models offer a high quality OLED display that provides brighter

colors than the LCS display of iPhone XR. The XS model comes with a 5.8 inch screen, while XS Max features a 6.5 inch display. Both XS models have stainless steel edges, which provide a little more protection than iPhone XR’s aluminum edges. XS iPhones also feature Face ID and an A12 Bionic processor just like iPhone XR.

As you already know, iPhone XS and XS Max both have two cameras. One of these cameras has a regular lens, and the other one features 2x optical magnification without sacrificing the quality of the picture.

As for the price tag, you can purchase the cheapest iPhone XS with 64GB of memory for 999 dollars, a 256GB version will send you back 1149 dollars and the most expensive iPhone XS costs 1359 dollars and features 512GB of memory. The iPhone XS Max has a larger screen than the XS model, making it more expensive. The 64GB model costs 1099 dollars, the 256GB model goes for 1249 dollars and the most expensive iPhone XS Max costs 1449 dollars for 512 GB of memory. The color options for iPhone XS and XS Max are more traditional and include gold, silver and space gray models.

Which iPhone should I buy?

If you’re looking for a good balance between quality and price, iPhone XR is probably the best pick for you. While it doesn’t have all the new features of iPhone XS, it is a high quality phone that costs 250 dollars less than iPhone XS. With iPhone XR you get a greater selection of colors, better battery life and a gorgeous design. However, if you’re looking for a premium experience and a great camera and can spare an extra few hundred dollars, consider an iPhone XS.

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