How to keep track of money

How to keep track of money

It often happens that people spend much more than they would like to, and later realize that they are not able to afford buying something expensive or saving money for the future. Finances just keep slipping through our fingers, and the more we earn, the more we spend.

Psychologists have long proved that keeping track of our actions helps to improve our organizational skills and achieve better results in various spheres. Personal finances are not an exception. When you know how much money you have already spent or earned this month, you are much more likely to achieve your financial goals. And this is where will help.

How to keep track of money with Cubux? is a new online service for home accounting. The app is divided into two blocks (Income and Expense) where you can fix all your daily cash flows. Each block contains several subcategories for more convenient and precise reflection of your finances. For example, the active part of your balance is represented mainly by your salary while expenditures include food, clothes, utility, traveling, etc.

The service also offers extensive statistics based on your financial input. For instance, you can learn how much you have spent this month, whether you managed to save money in some category, or how much money you can invest in buying something next month. has the following options:

  • Fixing your financial goals;
  • Inserting planned and extraordinary transactions;
  • Adding bank accounts and performing data synchronization with your bank;
  • Planning expenditure by category;
  • Making photos of your receipts.

What do I get if I join Cubux?

  • Financial clarity. When you fix your income and expenses on a daily basis, you have exact understanding of how much money you have for the moment and what purchases you can afford in the near future. You are more likely not only to spend less than you earn but also to make considerable savings.
  • Motivation. Keeping track of finances makes you confident and drives you to optimize your expenses in order to get closer to your financial goals.
  • Opportunity to perform family accounting. can be used as a tool for tracking family finances, which is essential for many users.

If you are still trying to find out how to control your finances, try Put your finances in order right now and give yourself financial freedom!

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